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Enter the time as HH:MM. For example 12:00.

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Till 8 seats

At Gele Taxi – Yellow Cab everything is possible. You simply contact one of our dispatchers or make a price inquiry through ou quote form and we make sure you have your price as soon as possible. 

After choosing Yellow cab, you will receive your confirmation by mail and our drivers will make sure your trip will run smoothly. 

Our cab drivers accept cash and credit card payments.

Hiring a chauffeur-driven yellow cab ( 1 till 8 seats)

This set-up allows the client to hire a yellow cab for a few hours, a whole day … If you have several appointments, want to go shopping of sightseeing and you do not know exactly what time you will be leaving a meeting, restaurant, shops, you can have a driver available for you. It is very convenient to have a driver available when visiting locations outside of Antwerp so that the client is never without transport. 

Price : 38 euro per hour (minimum of 3 hours at 150 euro) 

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