By Royal Decision according 02/04/1975 the rules for taxi companies and drivers 

A Few determinations and police rules are important to know for you as our client 

art 18 – Forbidden : 

  1. to smoke inside the vehicle 
  2. get in the cab when maximum seats is already taken
  3. without permission of driver entering with dog or other animals, except for seeing-eye dogs
  4. bringing object that can hurt – befoul – provide any inconvenience in the vehicle
  5. getting in the car when in state of uncleanliness or contagious
  6. opening doors while driving
  7. befoul or damage the vehicle
  8. to bring any subject in the vehicle

art 13 – 2 Drivers are allowed to : 

  1. refuse any party who wants to make long transport of to an exclude area without proof of identity of passenger, if necessary by intervention of police 
  2. to request deposit for long routes
  3. refuse any party intoxicated

Driver are obligated to take the fasted route, not necessarily the shortest, clients may always make suggestions 

Full taxi legislation at website of GTL taxi